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Education is a HUGE struggle for the Real Estate Industry. Many brokerages are satisfied just having their local Title Company bring in their local 'expert'... or waiting for the local Association to bring in a National Speaker

But many subjects... especially technology... DEMAND the best just to survive. Take online safety. Wire Transfer Fraud has increased from

in 2016


last year

NAR and the local associations can't keep up. Why?

It costs too much with travel and the time involved to hire the best speakers the traditional way.

WE have the most advanced
content and instructor on the subject of online security available...

We also cover sales skills, social media productivity, website effectiveness, buyer and seller skills, time management, goal setting and much more!

Each subject has video, pdfs and full tutorials

ALL part of the built in system that YOU as the Broker get credit for providing

And we can do it because we're bring the resources of many other companies together to bring these educators into the system in a win/win way where the instructor can make what they deserve without the heavy travel expenses

Here's where it REALLY gets interesting:

Imagine using the 3-10 minute modules for sales meeting training?

And, by the way, maybe the most AMAZING feature of all... we TRACK what your agents are learning so you know. It's a great coaching and development feature.

AND... we send them emails reminding them of the features and lessons available to them any time they want... provided by you!

Want to know more about our other benefits? Click on the subject below:

Click here to learn how we help improve your bottom line by giving you more revenue streams.
Click here to learn how we help improve the communication within your company
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For $99/per month??
(per office)

Interested? Fill out the form or
call 775-557-5696 to talk to one of our team.

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