beats by dre
We lead the way with new
ideas for Real Estate on the
Internet. We have helped
companies such as:
Realty America
Net Aspects and more
We’ve helped create, pilot
or produce many
Technologies including:
• We helped create & implement
Text-to-Speech on websites
enabling a more practical and
user-friendly way for agents
to respond to their website leads.
• We piloted personality tests
to generate recruiting leads.
• Aided Google in developing
their Widget for Real Estate
which helped improve their
search relevance.
• We have recently written
a new Internet Seminar
for Realtors® that gives
the complete picture of
internet lead success from
marketing to getting face-to-face.
Our Philosophy…
to help move Real Estate
forward as a leading
industry in online technologies
by improving relevance and
taking full advantage of
emerging technologies.
We want to keep Real
Estate professionals in charge
of their own online destiny.

We bridge the gap between
Real Estate and Technology.
If you are a Real Estate brand
or broker or ancillary services
for the Real Estate Industry
Estate, we can help you
Improve sales AND reduce costs



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